Is a bespoke conference service for businessmen, Is the popular business tool.

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Tele-conferencing Service -- Audio conferences at anytime

Teleconference is a bespoke conference service for businessmen to realize real-time communication and coordination. It is a globally popular business tool and an effective method of real-time coordination at work.


Based on the network of telecom providers, teleconference is a communication service for interactive multi-party meetings. With application for Loveconf teleconference, each user can use a common phone (fixed or mobile phone) to hold a meeting and each participant can attend by dialing a prearranged access number and enter a password. Moreover, participants can be invited through automatic calls. The service also supports speaking at the same time and free communication with each other.

Teleconference is incomparably convenient and reliable. By using HD video of Loveconf online video conference system and powerful data coordination and sharing, you can double the effect of remote conference with half the effort.


Loveconf Teleconference Features


Key Benefits
  • Certified, top quality audio For crystal clear conference calls
  • Local language live assistance To help you and your participants throughout the meeting
  • International access Local country numbers for international attendees
  • Toll & toll free numbers You choose if attendees have to pay
  • Single-use PIN option For additional security
  • Teleconference

    Product Features
  • Meeting at any time anywhere A meeting is possible without reservation anytime anywhere from both mobile and fixed-line phones.
  • Extra-worthwhile communication cost For local access codes in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Hong Kong, long-distance communication cost is totally exempt.
  • Service network located across the global Real-time connection in 40 countries in the world, and equally smooth connection for international attendance.
  • Smooth and superb voice quality Voice quality control in an all-around and effective manner
  • Permanently online artificial service 7*24 permanently online support.
  • Teleconference

    Product Applications
  • Project Share, Marketing, Finance, Third-party partner, Customer testing
  • Product design and public
  • Submission of tender
  • Customer relationship management, Sales support, Technical support
  • Urgency market and decision management
  • Company acquisitions and mergers management